So I just bought the Peavey Vypyr Tube 60 amp recently. Overall I've been pretty pleased with it, but I jammed with my band with it for the first time last night. We only have 1 clean tone song, but I just could not get this amp to be even reasonably loud. I was using the Twin model because I think it has the best clean tone; master knob was maxed out at like 13 or whatever, post-gain was maxed out, and pre-gain was at like 6/10. If I turned the pre-gain up anymore it would start to get a little crunchy, and even if I turned that knob up all the way it still wasn't loud enough.

Anyone else have this problem? I thought 60W for a tube amp would be plenty loud... but maybe I have to reconsider this amp for playing live. Thoughts?
Hm. Well I don't really know anything about EQing to be honest, but even if it wasn't optimal I don't see it as a limiting factor (low, med, and hi were all around 5-8/10). But maybe I'm wrong about that. (know where I can learn more about that stuff btw?)

Regarding the tubes, any way I can check them? Or should I bring them to guitar center or something?

O also thinking about it more I would tend to doubt that it's the tubes either because my 6505 or any other distortion-heavy setting gets nice and loud...
I pretty much just reproduced the issue you described on my vypyr 60.

The twin green channel is significantly more quiet than the other modes. I turned the master up to noon and it was still bedroom levels more or less.

I didn't bother trying the deluxe clean or the british clean channels, I would try those out see if they have more volume. You could also look into this on the peavey vypyr forums, if its a known issue they will know about it.