Alright so back a while i posted a thread whining about terrible sustain and what could be causing it. I didn't fix it and so I lived on. Today I decided to tune down my guitar down to Bb standard.

Even tho strings are a tad thicker then your standard gauge, I bought them only for D standard tuning, so its still it has a fair bit of slack. The sustain didn't increase, however the output did. Now I can tap with just a slight touch and the note rings out.

So obviously the problem was with me not caring about my guitar enough. So anyone has any clue as to what kind of problem with the setup is this pointing too? I'd like to fix it myself since the nearest guitar tech.. Well is quite far away.
Changing strings isn't going to have much impact on sustain. What model is your guitar? Neck configuration? Bridge? Pickups?
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Sustain is the interaction of the guitar,amp and you. If the pickups are set too high the magnetic field will kill the sustain.Too low and there will not be a strong enough signal.Depending on the amp and settings the guitar will not sustain.Then there is you. Operator error or unrealistic expectations from gear will also squish sustain.Vibrato is also a part of the equation that people tend to ignore.

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There are lots of things that can kill sustain.
You - not pressing on the strings properly, the bridge if you have a floyd - especially some Ibanez models, pups too close to the strings or not close enough, action too low, lack of tension in strings, uneven frets err... I imagine there's a few more reasons also.

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