I've mostly played acoustic guitar stuff for about 2 years and sometimes ill play super easy solos like the solo in Waitin' on the world to change. I want to learn some good rock solos. Can you guys give me some solos that are fun and challenging?
try like smells like teen spirit , or or wonderwall or some stuff along those lines
Ill start with the easyish solo that would be Green Day wake me up when september ends.
u want rock i would tell u fade to black first solo, guns n roses knocking on heavens door first solos, Sweet dreams (are made of these) by Marlyn Manson(really easy and it sounds awesome)
but if u really like rock u should play billy tallent - devil on my shoulder easy and fun solo and a nice rock rythmic song.
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Misfits - Some Kind of Hate
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Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd

It's not very hard, but it is challenging. There is two solos, the first one is easier than the last.

Runnin With The Devil - Van Halen

Dont get me wrong its still kinda hard (thats because its Eddy Van Halen, of course) But it is one of his easier solos, and its fun to play.

Oh shit your an acoustic guy, how bout Shine - Collective Soul

I love that song, not to mention the solo in it is AWESOME. Itll kick your ass at first but once you get it down its soooo fun to play.

I hope i couldve helped
highway to hell - acdc
born on the bayou - ccr
living loving maid - zep
celebration day - zep
hold my hand - hootie
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"it's not very hard, but it is challenging. There is two solos, the first one is easier than the last." You mean technical brah?

RHCP have a lot of simple but tasty solos on songs like Otherside. Read My Mind by The Killers is pretty easy.
Stairway to heavens not hard. The intro solos to one and welcome home (sanitarium) by Metallica are very easy.