I play blues rock metal alternative and I just want to know whats the best cab, or there is a cab that can perform good for all those style ?? , I about to get a 6505+ head and I know that a Mesa boogie cab is the best for metal, but did the Mesa Boogie cab can be good for the blues, rock, alternative ?? .. to play those style I got a Line 6 and a fender amps
i think you should get the best suited for what you play MOST.
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Well I play in a band from Québec (canada) its something like a clean blues rock crunchie sound , but I really like to play Metal like Killswitch engage , august burns red, I want to know if theres a cab that can be good to play those 2 style.
"All styles" is not exactly blues-rock to metal. Any decent mainstream cab is going to handle those genres just fine. You're not playing country or jazz or bluegrass. I'd say your amp is the limiting factor, not the cab. If your amp can do all the genres you play right now, a 1960 or Mesa or Orange cab will go with it well.


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