I'm in the process of building a headless chapman grand stick, and I'm looking for a suitable bridge. I chose headless because for one I don't like the look of headstocks on chapman sticks, and two I want it to be the least top heavy. I've looked at stradenburg modular bridges, but $95 for a single string seems ridiculous, especially when I need 12 of them. Suggestions?
my two cents, buy a hardtail toploader style bridge and cut it into 6 pieces, so you'd need two. I'd probaby use a fork tine to hold the string, and make a wooden bridge or something, but I'm cheap and easy.
If you can find an ABM dealer then you might wanna look into their single string tuner bridges... They're also rather pricey, but nowhere near 95 smacks.

edit: Disregard that, they do get quite close to that... Well, finally something that's cheaper in Europe than in the states, who'da thunk it?

In case you wanna see it, this is it. Perhaps you can find them at an overseas dealer or European eBay sites.
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