I'm getting over a cold (cough, sinus congestion, etc.) but my band is playing a show tonight and we can't cancel. It doesn't hurt to sing and my throat isn't sore but I'm still a little apprehensive about pulling this off. Any tips on singing while sick?

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If you make sure you nose isn't blocked up by using vapour rub or other such things, to ensure you don't sound nasally, then I think you'll be fine. You should just be left with a bit more bass/gravel in your voice from the croaky voice you tend to get whilst ill. Might turn out okay.
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Decongestants and paracetemol. Cough syrup too if need be.

Or Lemsip, if you know what that is.
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just make sure your nose isnt blocked (vicks etc) there is nothing worse than a nasally singer.