Ok so I have this friend who just got dumped by his girlfriend. He's pretty pissed about it and he needs some angry music to vent with. Any suggestions?
Any john mayer
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Angel Of Death by Slayer, or anything fast and thrashy.

and sorry you got dumped dude...
My song "Cliche's and Earthquakes" on my purevolume below. Also you NEED to listen to the entire A-->B Life album by Mewithoutyou, but focus on Gentlemen, Silencer, and The Cure for Pain. That album got me through some crap awhile ago. Its their heaviest stuff, so much emotion in every word.
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You Could Be Happy by Snow Patrol
dirtbag ballet by the bins down the alley
as i walk through the chalet of the shadow of death
everything that you've come to expect

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omg!! Someone else listens to johnny hobo!

I said the exact same thing when I saw your reply
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oddly the most appropriate one I've found is Cee-Lo Green's **** You, but there ya go.
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your girlfriend broke up with you TS? what happened, you got your hand amputated?

but try

this if you want something pretty


this if you want something funny (though it's an excellent cover)


this if you want a headache.
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If you want a more anger/hate oriented breakup song try this
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aint my b!tch by metallica always works.also love? by strapping young lad

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The Carrier. Especially the album, and song, One Year Later. So much emotion
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Succubus - Five Finger Death Punch

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fuuuckk youuuu."

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