I'm going on vacation next week, taking a flight and need a good case for my Les Paul. I've ordered a Gator G-Tour LPS as it looked pretty good. Anybody have any experience with these? Anybody ever fly with their guitar in one?
I don't have that particular gator case. But I can attest to there quality. They are built well. But not knowing which particular les Paul model you have, you may need to stick an old shirt under the guitar to get the neck to lay flat in the case. At least that's what I did with my gator case. Because the neck was was sitting just a little off the case on the headstock end.

But again they are solidly built cases.
If you start a reply with: I have never played one but I have heard good things about it! Your opinion is invalid.
Never used Gator cases, but you might have to worry about pressure equalization or whatever if it the case forms an airtight seal when it's closed. My SKB flightcase has a pressure-equalization valve which guarantees that the case won't be sealed shut after you get off the plane. Just, something to think about..