Normally when I buy a song off itunes the file is about 7mb, when I compile my music at 16bit its around 25mb how do I compress it further? I use pro tools 8 le
No offence, but does anyone in this thread actually know what they're talking about? (I'm gonna presume IK Obi as he is, or at least claims quite feasibly to be, from IK Multimedia, but why go for 24-Bit mixdowns when none of the most common platforms typically play music at such a bit-depth?).

First up, what file type are you talking about... MP3 I presume?

Secondly, how long is the song? Length of the track relates to the file size.

Thirdly, regardless of bit-depth for a minute, what bitrate is the MP3, assuming we're on about MP3?

Finally, where do you want to put the song? On a website = smaller filesize desirable; on your home computer in iTunes = highest quality you wish, as you surely aren't going to run out of space on any modern computer with tracks you make yourself.
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You need to compress if you are going to give it to people...No one is going to want to listen to your 25MB (I assume .WAV as my bands 320 KBPS version of a 5:35 song is only 13MB) song.... At least drop that baby to 320 MP3 if not more compressed to give to people....
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.WAV, highest bitrate & such. This is your master, keep it for whenever you want to duplicate and such

If you plan on putting it on the internet, convert it to .mp3 at 320kbps
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