You dont need me to tell you its not quite as fast as the original but i know that this songs far from easy so to play it so consistantly is really good, keep up the practice and you should get it up to speed in no time
The sound was a bit too loud...

Probably the sound the camera recorded... The sound clipped many time during the video...

However, nice playing and nice guitar... !

Like people said above, it isn't at full speed why not trying to alternate picking? You should easily reach the good speed...

Also maybe try to play the chord less rude? Aren't they suppose to be soft?... Haha!

Keep it up!

hey man pretty good job!now its just a matter of time and practise to get it down at full speed.rly not the easiest riff to play by the chilis.kike saidf above turn your volume a lil bit down so it wont clip anymore.