I was playing alongside someone and I realized my guitar sounds like crap. I want a softer sound out of my Fender Sonoran. What are some good, warmish, softish strings.

I don't want nylon strings, just some strings that have a less harsh tone than my current Martin Bronze.
my brother swears by Ernie Ball, but you could try strumming with your fingers (all 4 of them) instead of a pick.
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Not sure if they make them in 9s or 10s, but have a look at the D'Addario Chromes. These are ribbon wound, or flat wound strings. I use them for jazz on one of my acoustics. The tone is much warmer with these strings.
Depends on the Ernie Balls, I have super slinky acoustics and they are really bright, if you want warmer strings I like the D'Addario Phosphor Bronze Mediums, but you can get the Ernie Balls in Mediums. Don't know much about the Sonoran, but some guitars are brighter in general so that warm tone may be difficult to coax out of it.
martin silk and steel strings add warmth and mellowness to guitars. i use them a lot on cheap guitars and overbright guitars, and they help quite a bit. they're physically softer, too. btw, i didn't like the sound of the d'addario silk and steels as well as the martins.
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