Yo guys,

Basically i play in a band, gigs and all, and it would be helpful if i had a booster when i play solos, so you can hear me over the rhythm guitar.

Just wondering what the best pedal was for the job?

I looked into it abit, but most videos of booster pedals just show that they add a little gain, rather than volume, so im getting a little confused on whats what!

If someone could just recommend me a couple different pedals for the job that would be great. ( I have a Marshall DSL50, so i only have one lead channel, so i cant use another channel for solos)

could try an overdrive pedal and set the volume lvl on that beyond unity gain but roll back the amount of drive ?
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lpb-1 boosts volume.

i build one that adds a little more gain along with an exact clone.

tubescreamers dont really add much volume.

MI makes a boost n buff too.

or an Xotic RC/AC.
Any booster placed in the loop will boost volume rather than distortion.
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Quote by mmolteratx
Any booster placed in the loop will boost volume rather than distortion.

Really?? I had no idea of this, but thinking about it that does make sense!
Boost pedals in front of an already distorted amp will only increase the amount of distortion. In the loop after the part of the preamp that distorts a boost pedal will increase the volume.
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I use an EQ pedal in the FX loop. That way I can have a variable clean volume boost, a mid-boost or a mix of the two. Be careful, you don't need much to get a serious lift!
You can always do stuff the old school way: set your volume control to 6-7 for rhythm and then turn to 10 for leads.

If you require a pedal I like the xotic RC the best for that application.

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The EQ in the effects loop works great and you can also adjust those sliders to put a little more oompf in your solos.

Worked great for me; and I did try out several other options (OD pedals, Clean Boost pedals) beofre setteling on the EQ.
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Try the MXR CAE Line Driver/booster, its a clean volume boost with just a volume knob but very effective, i use it at the end of the chain for solo boosts.
you could always invest in a BBE sonic stomp/maximizer
if you go on the BBE website and check out the sonic stomp there's a pretty cool video showing you what it can do
I was literally in the exact same position as you (had a DSL50 and everything). I found the only way of getting a volume boost rather than a gain boost when your using a lot of distortion is to put a boost pedal in the FX loop. I went for the LPB-1 as it was cheap and didn't 'cause any loss of tone. Hope that helps.
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You need an EQ or clean boost in the loop.

Anything else will color your tone in an unsatisfactory manner. Especially an overdrive.

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