Hey guys!

I've posted a few movements from my EP in this section of the forum, and your suggestions have been invaluable. Now, I have my entire suite/EP finished, and it's hitting digital retailers on April 11. I figured this would be a good place to post the final result, as I have soundcloud set up to stream the entire thing so people can decide to buy it. The first song (Masquerading as the Night) is also up for free download, so people can pass it among their friends and whatnot.

Link: http://soundcloud.com/rickyhopper/sets/polypolarity-suite/

Also, if you can like the facebook page and suggest it to friends who would like that sort of thing (hey, I can hope ), that would help out enormously. Facebook: click here

So in short, I welcome any comments about it, and any help/suggestions for getting it out there. If you want to offer any advice/suggest it to friends, I'd be happy to offer a critique of anything you've got up (C4C in a sense)!

Thanks again to all who have critiqued my tracks in the past. I appreciate it!