I just broke a string on my bass. Picked up some new strings. Wound the new string in, wondering if I should replace all of the other strings right now as well.
You're better off doing it. It'll sound pretty odd, because one string'll be brighter than the rest. The best way is usually to replace them all at once.
take the old stings off neatly and boil them. put them back on and see is any of the brightness came back...... I've never done this myself but have heard of it. I'd assume you'd need to dry the strings as fast as possible or they may oxidize. All i know is that bass strings are expensive
Thanks guys. I think I'll just put new ones on.
They are pretty expensive tho, $30-40CAN, but it was the first string to break in the year and a half I've had my bass, so it's not really costing me a whole ton in the long run.
Alright, now I have a problem.
I put all the strings on, and the A-string keeps on popping out of the nut. As soon as I touch the string, it pops right out of the nut. It seems like it's sitting pretty tight in there, and I've got it tuned as close to 'A' as I can without it popping out, and then as soon as I try play, it slips out. Any suggestions?
^ what he said, strings also might just be to big for the nut, don't file it yourself unless you know what you are doing. Also, in the meantime try tuning a half step down, on all strings until you find a solution
could be as simple as you bought too heavy a set. That sucks but it happens. Before you file anything, see if you can buy another set that is way lighter in guage or try to find a single A string that is thinner.
If you do file that slot bigger, you'll have to use that guage set all the time.
Hvae you wound them properly? They should be wound from the top of the tuning peg down, not the other way around, and leading inwards.