We are looking for a rock and roll singer in the coffee county area. Looking for someone good with high notes, ACDC GNR style. Would consider adding another guitarist and possibly a new bassist. Beer drinking is a requirement. Wanting to bring back the party style sex drugs and rock n roll. No screamo or low esteem bs. Just message back if you think you could fit in.
Im 48. Retired med prof. Drink beer. Playn bass 32 yrs an rhythm acoustic guitar 30 yrs non prof. Im n Jackson TN. I been n small bands n past. Ive no wife, no kids, no obligations, I DO have my own equip. My own retirement income, transport, etc. Im serious. I dig good songs. I can play most any acoustic song, folk, ballad, southern rock, rock, hard rock acoustic, blues, country (old school preferred), bluegrass, some harmonica, some vocals. I write songs for acoustic rhythm an bass. Im ready! Stevie (private731-616-1844)