Ok so I have really beein on a big bender of trying to professionalize my gear.
I just upgraded my pickups, grabbed a few pedals and new strings. I want to know how much patch chords play into tone. What are some good patch chords to use, the last 5 years i've used cheap 10$ rocktrons
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Just stick with the cheap ones, and don't buy any more gear until you've done another 1,000 hours' practice. That will improve your tone way more than getting new patch chords.
better quality chords pass along more of your guitars original signal. cheap ones tend to loose some of the signal or certain frequencies so you loose tone. Planet Waves makes good quality chords that aren't to expensive. i use Conquest however i don't know what their availability is as they are locally made.
Coily cable!
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I use Mogami golds for everything.
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Mogami cables. Available at Guitar Center.

Quality from end to end.

You used to have to buy Mogami cable on spools and solder you own connectors. Same with Canare. Mogami and Canare have strong expensive-studio lineages.
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