Hi, first of all, I'm new here lol

ok, back to topic, I am a metal player (Mostly melodic metal) since I am young, I've been keep on chasing a ultimate brutal tone for my guitar, so now I've ended up with a ESP Arrow with Blackout 2 on the bridge, it sounded BRUTAL AS HELL.

But there's one problem, it is so brutal that.....I'm sick of it already, it doesn't sound natrual as a pickup, just simply metal, I don't want that anymore because my "metal spirit"(Stupid name...) is draining already

So what I want is a humbucker pick up which sound really natrual, but it got gain which is not as much as the Blackout 2, but enough for me to play metal , I also I want the pick up tone similar to the blackout 2, even better with coil split because I'm starting to play some funk stuff, and not active pickup

Is there any pick up that could do that? Please leave some recommendation for me x_x
are you sure its the pick up? what other gear are you using? there's a lot of things that could cause unorganic tone

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Umm.....to be honest.....................

Line 6 Pod Farm 2 (UX1)

But I've still seen someone who could make a really great chrunchy natrual tone out of it, no matter how hard I try I still can't get that natrual tone out of my pickup using that....stupid...peice of crap....modeling.....thing. What my current target is Bill Lawarence L-500, but the problem I never rly tried it my on own and I dunno if it can do coil split or not
Could be the line 6 otherwise take a look at the seymour duncan 59's or 57 not so sure bout the number
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