Ravenage (folk/melodic death, featuring one of UG's very own!)

Some solid music from the UK here, and aye, one of the members is a UGer! He doesn't get on much anymore, but his username was Guitar_Dan_666; some of you may remember him.

Anyways, they're currently touring and recording a new album. Influences include... Annwn, Gwydion, Amon Amarth, John Craven, Bathory, Skyclad, Negura Bunget, Wintersun, Northern Oak, Ensiferum, Black Messiah, Shallow Intentions, Falkenbach, Norther, Oakenshield, Equilibrium.

Check 'em out.

Pretty decent band. I quite liked the Hardrada's Fall EP, but everything they have put out since has been a bit hit and miss with me. Especially More Beer, I think there was four or five of us had a rather lengthy debate about that on a link Danny posted on facebook. My side of the argument was its an utterly terrible song that should never have been recorded
I do however like how together they are as a band, its almost like a big family rather than just band.

However, of Danny's bands he's involved with I prefer Windrider (even if the newest EP wasn't up to much, sorry Danny lad :p