I just recently purchased a Behringer V-Amp Pro off of eBay. I have been upgrading to rack equipment and thought it would be good to have a decent multi-effects unit to replace my old Digitech RP-1000. The RP is definitely hard to replace by anything but, at the same time, it just wasn't doing it for me. I need something easier to deal with and something that will just run through my amp's effects loop. Now, one thing I noticed about the V-Amp Pro is that it seems to be big on amp modeling. That's cool and all but I'm really just wanting to emulate its effects: Delay, Echo, Phaser, Flanger, etc. I will later be interested in using this for studio work, but I am currently interested in using this as a live system and I'm wanting to know, is there a way just to use the cab modelers built into this? As well, is editing the effects any easier than having to plug this into the midi software editor on the PC and doing it that way? I'm not a big fan of that, mainly because I have nothing to plug into. As well, can anyone give me advice on a simple Midi USB plug-in I can get for my Mac so I can use the settings editor? I wish I wasn't having to ask these questions, but the guide that came along with the V-Amp pro is HORRIBLE and doesn't detail one single thing hardly.
I think there's a button labeled "Amp Bypass" that enables you to just use the onboard effects through an external amp (Bypassing the V-Amp models)