Hey guys anan accident happened today with my 3 month old gibson les pauls. As you can see there are chips on the headstock and side of the body. Is it possible to get this fixed and have it look almost or exactly the same as before. I plan on bringing it to my guitar tech shop tommorow to see what they can do. I just want you guys opinion for now because it's 12am over here so I can't call them. Also anyone know of any good luthiers in Toronto that could do a good job fixing up my guitar? Here are the pics

thank in advance
honestly unless you're gonna sell it in the near future i wouldn't worry about it small chips and scratches and bumps and lumps and dents always make for a better guitar imo. but to answer you're question yes its possible to be fixed. Its damned near impossible to break a guitar so bad you cant fix it (extremes being that stage bashing shxt that people do and just absolute disrespect and total mistreatment of a guitar) in your case though i wouldn't worry too much guitars are built to be somewhat tossed around. The chips and scratches that you have are actually what i find to be the most common places that chip and scratch. All of my guitars have that exact same place chipped.
Thanks for the reply I like to keep my things "perfect"if you will, since it's only three months old if i get it fixed will it look exactexactly like it did before or will it be noticeable?
it would probably be somewhat noticeable but only if you know where to look and the one on the back of the guitar would probably never be seen again. you'd probably forget about it after a while anyway, but im guessing that it would cost maybe 20-100 USD to fix depending on where you go, whats needed to fix it etc. etc.
just leave the battle scarres,it gives the guitar character and looks pretty cool too,just my 2 cents
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Idk man do you think 3 months old is a bit early for battle scars?

not how i use my guitars (and i don't abuse, i just play hard)

its character. no big deal. when i read the thread title i was thinking headstock crack.

no luthier is going to fix that south of $200-300. gibson is nitro, they would need to do all sorts of work on it.

guitars get played, used abused. live with it.
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