I'm looking to pick up a new guitar for my birthday and not quite sure what to get. I play hardcore/punk-pop kinda stuff so humbuckers or emg's are a must. My amp is a Bugera 333 running through a Marshall 1960A slant.

Price range is $0-$500 max. Im a fan of all body style's but it must have a fixed bridge.

the second i saw Rondo Music the first words outta my mouth were "Agile Guitars" but i agree stretch the budget and get an Agile. for once the hype for something is actually a good thing and they are quite cheap for the standard and quality they set. i doubt you would be disappointed with it.
That's so intensely vague my brain can't even comprehend...

You already have a Korean-made Schecter and... Indonesian (?) Ibanez ART. You're pretty much buying another one of those if you get an Agile. I'd bet money that Agile and Schecter guitars were coming out of the same factory before Schecter relocated main production lines to China.

If you don't know what to get, go play a bunch of guitars somewhere and find one you really like.
Don't get another guitar just to get another guitar. Each new guitar you get should fill a hole in your guitar collection. For example, if you have a Fender Strat, getting a shredder guitar makes sense, because you don't have one of those. But getting another Strat-type guitar in the same price range just doesn't make sense.

My rule is that if I'm going to get another guitar, it either has to be a type of guitar I don't yet have (like a Strat) or a better quality guitar of a type I have already (like an Ibanez Prestige, or ESP).
Well my band plays in 2 different tunings drop C and A# which I keep my Schecter in A# and my Ibanez in drop C ALL the time. So I was looking for a guitar that I could use in drop D or standard when I'm not playing with my band.