Right now I have

Dano FAB tone distortion
Russian big muff
Digitech bad monkey
deltalab chorus
GFS tuner pedal (on the way)

I currently and plan to for a longgg while use a Peavey classic 30, great amp, that will be modded to work out some issues.

I play garage rock, punk, swirled into psychedelic shoegaze pop

I know I need a reverb and delay, everything else is just extra.

Any suggestions on good pedals I might need be it reverb, delay or "extra" that are inexpensive (no memory man for this kid)

Also, I am thinking of making my own pedal, a combination ring modulator, and dallas rangemaster, sound like a good idea?
Wah, reverb, delay. For the reverb and delay, go to a guitar shop and demo every reverb and delay they have. For wah, just buy the one I'm selling
I'm selling an ernie ball wah pedal. Buy my ernie ball wah pedal.
Wah pedal.

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For a good delay, it's hard to beat the boss dd3. I just got one a few weeks ago after shopping high and low for a good delay on a budget. You might be able to find one used for under $100. Something else to look for is maybe check around for a used Vox time machine, it will do both modern and vintage delay types, has tap tempo, and you can probably find a good pre-owned one for $150 or less.
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Anyone tried the tc flashback delay?

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i would reccomend changing your distortion pedal, i have one and god i hate it.
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i would reccomend changing your distortion pedal, i have one and god i hate it.

I was just about to say this, the classic 30 has a lovely overdrive so I'd just use that.

To be honest all-though it may be fun using lots of pedals it might be best spending your time working on getting as many sounds as you can out of just you and your guitar.

I've played gigs plugging my electric guitars straight into PA systems or Keyboard amps but because I know how to get the most out of very little I can always get a nice sound.

If you MUST use pedals I'd recommend:

Second hand Danelectro CC Drive V1 - they're not too costly but are starting to go up in value, they're based on the Fulltone OCD which is a lovely pedal.

Behringer RV600 - people who talk down behringer are talking out of their ass, theyre quality pedals and are much more cost effective than many other pedals around.

Second hand EHX Memory Boy/Toy - both cool pedals, the toy has a pretty extreme modulation but there is a trim pot to tame it, great pedals and both very pedal board friendly.

Second hand Morley Power Wah - Super cheap second hand and really easy to tweak to get them to sound good.

Seriously though, pedals aren't everything they're just a little bit of colour here or there, if you're not careful and over-do it you'll end up sounding like a My Bloody Valentine tribute act.
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Phase 90 or if u can find one a phase 45. I want a phase 45 so bad
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well thanks... I like my Fabtone, as for more pedals, it's not that I want to be my bloody valentine, I play a esquire sans tremolo (wire bigsby someday), I just want more than dirt at my disposal. yes, I can play plugged directly into a PA, I have an acoustic, I know you don't need pedals, we also don't need 5 guitars, but we got em
If you're after reverb, Hardwire RV-7 is the way to go.
True Bypass circuitry deliciousness.
Delay the DD3, double d's are a good sign...
Crybaby Wah the easiest wah option!
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