you know i'll always be the hands
to reach, reach out for a chance
to touch, with my fingers im so cold
but frozen to the bone i'll hold you
. . . . .in my mind

you know that i'd still live for you
i'd break my heart in two for you
i'd lose myself and risk it all
if you were here to see me fall
. . . . .in love with you

so tell me what to believe
tell me that it was real
that those 3 words were not just rumours
i overheard in crowded rooms
and the memories in my head
are not a just papers lying dead
in scraps of me . . .
or just another fantasy

i'd shut my eyes to see more clear
what did it mean to be alone
i guess i was lucky i didnt know
told my world don't move to soon
and sweep you off your feet
incase someone caught you but me

and i cant hang, the way i do
onto every memory of you . . . x2