Whats up people??

looking to meet new shredders.. i am the creator, producer, musician, guitarist for shredcoustica...a full assault shred-fest incorporating wicked lead guitar over acoustic rhythms.....check it out at

Type in shredcoustica

all thoughts are welcomed!

We have to go get this from amazon do we have to buy it or something
I'm kinda disapponted I thought this was going to be a link to an awsome shred video

And its not a new breed I've heard people play over acoustic guitars dozens of times
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im not trying to sell anything....just check out the sample...
the concept/name is a new breed configured together

the name shredcoustica
shred= fast
coust= stands for acoustic guitar
Ica= is derived from "Metallica"
which incorporates the "shred"...."metal" aspect

Its a working genesis in progress
so the above is what i mean by "new breed"
the concept name that i created....and how the music is put together
on my facebook site (facebook.com/shrecoustica)
I state all of this...

Please don't insult our intelligence, we know what the name means. What he's saying is it's been done before, so you can't go around calling it a new breed of shred guitar. You've essentially gone "Aha but you are mistaken. I've given it what I think is a clever name which is infact rather generic and uninspired, so you are in fact wrong!". It's still not a new breed.
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Wasn't anything special to me. the shred guitar was to far in the background and the acoustic guitar wasn't anything special either. I was expecting some flavorful melodic chords with some nice accenting and harmonizing guitar shred on top :P
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Thanks asator

And I ment nothing bad by it just criticism from one guitarist to another

EDIT: and keep improving it each time and eventually make it distinctly one of a kind
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Void is a wanker that's why

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