Live with me a bit.

Back story------
Anyway, basically as long as i can remember I've always wanted to play electric guitar. I used to shred the broom at home when i was a kid. The first time i played a guitar it was while i was staying at my cousins place. He left for work at 7am I started playing. came back 5 pm and I was in the same place, didnt eat, didnt move just played it.

Anyway, Now that im older, ive been hunting down a guitar. but for whatever reason it ends up not working out. The last time I found a Mexi strat with Duncan pickups, played it loved it. Walked into the store to buy it the next day and someone bought it 30 mins before i got there. I figured since i was already there might as well get something so thats how I started playing bass.

Important bit----
The desire hasnt faded I REALLY want to play guitar now. I wont be able to buy one till summer though.

So far I know the fret board, and some of my scales. I want to start playing chords, so that when i get a guitar i'll be better. Anyway, i was wondering what chords i could practice on a bass guitar apart from power chords to learn the basic shapes, until I eventually get one.
Only ones I can think of that use the top four strings of a guitar is E minor, E major and some other variations of E, and also C major 7 would work. All others I can think of use the other 2 strings.
I guess you could type in google "guitar chords", have a look at the shapes from there and you can do parts of chords, may make it a bit easy when you get to playing guitar...
Hope this helps
Learning your arpeggios is incredibly useful for both guitar and bass, particularly learning your 7th chords would be a good.
Since you won't be so new to the neck of a guitar, I'd recommend that you start off with learning Barre Chords rather than open chords as they are a lot more practical. You can practice basic barre chords on bass such as Major and minor.
There's not an awful lot to it, you'll find the guitar neck extremely easy to move around on due to your experience with the larger bass neck.

Good luck bro.
Well I bought my first guitar on Tuesday

Its an Amber Epi Les Paul with Grover tunners and a thin neck. I'm just posting now because its the first time ive put my guitar down.

This guitar is perfect for everything i want to play, qhats even crazier is that I went to the store and played this guitar like 3 months ago then finally went back and took it home.

I'm super happy.

Just need a amp for it, i'm playing it through my bass amp, but i know its gonna be a beast through a better amp
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