Hi there, I have a Gibson Les Paul Studio and it keeps going out of tune. This started a while ago, where the top 3 strings (especially the G string) would go out of tune almost instantly. I would tune up, plug in, start playing and it would already be out of tune. After a while, I changed the strings which seemed to sort it. Today, my guitar is doing the same thing, however it is the B string mostly going out of tune but the other 2 top strings are as well.

Any thoughts?
It might be the machine heads, something must of happened to them when you got it
do your tuners wiggle any, are you using the correct gauge strings, if the strings are larger than the factory if so you need to have it properly set up for that ga. string. try rubbing a pencil led in the nut slots(the graphite lubes it). have you adjusted the bridge any? you may need to take it to a good tech.
^indeed check if there not overly loose compared to the other machine heads if so its time to have them replaced but first i think its better to restring and see how it after restringing
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That happens with my les paul too, I thought I was the only one, the B and G go out of tune ALL THE TIME, such a pain in the ass. Its an Epiphone though not a Gibson, I've had this problem since i got it about 2 years ago.

I've tried changing the strings, i've tried stretching them, tried not stretching them, tried different strings, even paid £80 to get it set up, except the B******s totally screwed up my guitar: (covered it in scrtaches, gave it bad fret buzz, deep score now runs along two frets and the fretboard between them...etc) so then paid someone else £120 to give it a full set up and big suprise, it still hasn't solved the problem!!! Its driving me so CRAZY, im really sick of it. I started thinking mabye there was a little crack or something in the neck that i couldnt see, but the guys I took it to Second time didnt notice anything like that.

And to everyone on here: if you're ever in Glasgow DO NOT take your guitar to Strung Out Guitars, They totally screwed my guitar and when I went to the other guitar workshop in Glasgow, I told them what had happened, the guy just sighed and shook his head and said "man, you must be the 100th guy who came here and told me that those guys buggered your guitar."

You might want to try some of the things I did, but sorry I Dont know what will fix it, I've tried everything,
So If you find out how to fix yours please let me know and i'll try it too
Oh And i forgot to mention, I bought Brand New Tuners which cost me £75 and had them fitted, problem is still there!!!
Tuning heads maybe, but most likely the shitty nut that comes with the guitar. Get some pencil lead and put it in the grooves and you'll have a much better result. Love gibson, hate some of the parts they use, i know, call me crazy...
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The nut is probably binding. Make sure the saddles on the bridge are smooth too. Look at prs's page on how to setup their guitars (I know it's a Gibson) and look at their non locking tuner section. It tells you in detail how to tie a string at the tuner. Works like a charm on any guitar and has always fixed any issues I've had.
It's probably the nut.
I found a used les paul in the music store that looked like it had never been played. they said it was an old guy who couldn't get it to stay in tune so he traded it in.

I knew it was the nut. I bought it (for like 600 bucks less than a new one)and got them to replace the nut with a freshly cut graphtech.(it was like 60$ for this..)

I string it, stretch the strings, tune up, and it's good for a month.

anyways, easy way to tell, on the problem strings, when you're tuning, if you turn the tuner slowly, does it sometimes stop going up in pitch , then all of a sudden jump ahead quite a lot? if so, it's the nut.. If not, you've got some faulty tuners. no other reason I can see for a gibson with a fixed bridge to be going out of tune, unless you're stringing it wrong
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I am using the same gauge string they came with. Tuners don't move. Maybe I am not stringing it right... I thought I could post a picture so you could see if it looks strung correctly, though you might not really be able to see anything as it is quite hard to get detail.

A small amout of pencil lead/graphite in the grooves of the nut works wonders. It stops the strings from binding at the nut.
I have a Les Paul and have had no problem with tuning at all. Mine is 16 years old. You may need to do what Charveldan said. I have done this every time I change my strings. It works wonders for all guitars. Especially ones with tremolos.
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My SG Special Faded had the same problem. What I did was take the strings off the tuning heads and make sure they were tight. I slotted out the nut slots just a tiny bit and lubricated them with some graphite. Then i put new strings on using the around-under-and over method to lock them in and I no longer had any tuning problems beyond the strings settling in a bit after I had stretched them. Basically look at everything it could possibly be and account for it all. Hopefully the problem will go away.
Your wraps look nice and neat but I prefer the first wrap to go over the string end as it protrudes from the string post hole, then wrap the rest underneath.
It's very doubtfull it's your tuners.
Couple of things already mentoned here....
1) When the strings are off use a hex socket to make sure the nut on the string post is secure. Check the screws on the back too but do not overtighten, they'll strip the wod, they should be just snug.
2) Most tunings problems (after dead strings or poorly wrapped ones) are nut related. Thes trings bind in the slots and don't come back to pitch. Lubricating helps a lot. So does having the nut slots tweeked alittle with the proper nut slotting files and sandpaper by someone who knows how to do this correctly (don't dio this yourself - you'll chance messing up the nut then you'll need a new one).
I'd go lube first and if that doesn't solve it, have the nut professionally looked at.
Moving on.....