I have my own guitar songs, and can play bass too. I've compsoed so many songs now and have been asked why I never spread my music. Well, I'm kind of a rock guy, so I would like to play in a band with two guitarists and so, so I can't spread my music by myself. My question is, what do I do now? I have been searching for a band but my friends are not musical and I haven't met anyone interested yet.. Is there a way to spread my music or so? I am also able to compose solos, but I know that a person that want to share his music needs contacts, and I don't have any.. yet.

Any advice would be great
If you go to a school (university or otherwise) fliers and school specific internet boards are generally a very good starting point. My school has a "musician's collective" group that I found my band through. If that option isn't open to you, the simplest thing is to just talk about it. If you let everyone you know that you need band members someone is bound to say "Hey my buddy Jeff needs a guitar player" or "Yo bra, my bro bromodamus slapa de bass"
Good idea. Though my friends, almost everyone of them, knows that I am searching for band members and playing guitar. I have one friend, and he wanted me to join their band. But they live like 90km away from here .. so it's hard, but I won't give up =)

In my school we do not have any musical groups That's sad
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****ing thing sucks. I'd plop a flier down somewhere and hope for the best. It's also not a bad Idea to drag some friends to on campus music events or stuff in the area. Musicians tend to flock to music.
I think that there are many talents that never are able to show their skills due to lack of contacts like me, and thats so lame ...
I was told that my songs could be copied or stolen legaly since it is not licensed. . .
copyright it or do the poor mans copyright
mail a cd with your songs on it the postal people will stamp a date on it and then put it away somewhere do not open it.
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but anyway about the band thing you could put an ad in the newspaper
"Local Guitarist seeks bandmates"
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I pretty much never leave the drug thread anymore.