there kinda of new so I dont think theyre out yet. I really like a lot of the guitars Gibson is going to put out though. Especially the BFG and Studio pro plus
I tried to see if Gibson had any little blurbs about them, but all I can find is they're active pickups and have an enamel magnet.

EDIT: I found two descriptions after a Google search.

Apparently this is from MF:

GEM (Gibson Electronics Manufacturing) active pickups. Made in the image of the greatest traditional passive pickups of all time, Gibson's own PAF ("Patent Applied For") humbuckers, the GEMs have Alnico II magnets and coils wound with 42 AWG enamel-coated wire. They also include active electronics for greatly improved output and extremely low-noise performance. The GEMs are powered by a single 9v battery that yields approximately 1500 hours of service.

They have a voice and playing feel akin to Gibson's popular Burstbuckers, with all of that humbucker's characteristic "smooth with edge" tonal response, and they are immune to the loading effects of volume and tone potentiometers. They offer an extremely fast transient response for unprecedented articulation (yet with all the classic humbucker warmth and smoothness), and are extremely compatible with both effects pedals and clean amp settings. Suitable for all styles of music, the GEM active pickups represent a huge leap forward in performance and versatility.

And this is right off the Gibson website, about the Explorer Vampire:

Long favored by metal, shred and thrash players, active pickups offer an extended frequency range and enhanced power that passive magnetic pickups simply cannot achieve. In the neck position, Gibson's GEM Powered Humbucker gives the Explorer Vampire Blood Moon a warm, deep voice with outstanding clarity, while a slightly hotter GEM Powered Humbucker in the bridge position provides everything from aggressive crunch to eviscerating lead tones. Both provide uncompromising sustain, and the power to drive a high-gain amp to extremes.
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I want one, but im buying a standard, and im hoping this goth thing isnt a limited run. i got an epiphone goth v, and apparently that was limited (yet they still offer the other goth ones), that was my concern. also, gibson did a goth run before, so i was wondering if anyone got anything from the previous run, just so i can get a better idea about this one
To be perfectly honest. I would go the extra $100 or so and get an SG standard. The standars kicks butt. I have a '61 reissue and it's an awesome guitar. Great pickups
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Realistically, for a Standard, you're paying for a similar guitar with a Nitrocellulose finish versus a satin one.