If you want to mix out of the box, yes, you will need an interface that has separate outputs for each track. Otherwise you're going to have to sum tracks in your software to conserve outputs.
Alright ive got it, for £87 is that cheap and can someone link me to a cheap interface?
what are you trying to achieve with your setup? its hard to tell you what you need or want when we have no idea what you want to do. it seems like you are trying to record multiple instruments at once and have control over each.

that is not the mixer you want. to start, using a mixer means you have to mix everything on the front end. so each track will get mixed together before recording, which makes it harder to tweak things on your computer. second, that is a powered mixer. which means it is sending a powered output signal. again, not what you want for recording.

now if you are trying to play live, then youve just scored something pretty solid (from what i can tell).

also, please use the edit button instead of posting a bunch of times in a row.
Thanks for the help.
Sorry i should have said, it basically for home recording, multiple instruments. Just basic acoustic tracks. I know a mixer is not essential but i prefer physically mixing.
I will probably end up selling it then, hopefully make a profit.
If you don't want to mix out of the box but still prefer to mix with faders you can buy a control surface. There are quite a few out there. You just have to find one that's compatible with the software you use.