I saw a homeless man masturbating
On the bench where we sat one summery afternoon
When we were still young,
Eating candy from the shop across the street.
People walked right past us in a rush,
Held cups from Starbucks or Tealuxe,
Stepped on crushed water bottles,
And kicked discarded issues of the Phoenix into the wind.
This same wind tossed your hair in any direction,
Wrapping it around your face as you chewed
The sweet chocolate covered bananas,
Which you love, but I’m still unsure about.

A month or so later I saw him there,
Lying on his back, wrapped up in sheets
And a muddy sweatshirt on the concrete bench,
Trying to hide from November night’s wind.
His elbow pumping up and down
In the spot where I dropped a Sno-Cap
And watched it roll onto the red brick sidewalk.
The little disc seemed to roll on forever.

Not really a song, more of a poem. Crit for crat regardless.
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