I'm trying to find an affordable ($200 or less) USB interface for my guitar that is suited for beginners. I've only been playing for a little over a year and I don't need professional quality recording or anything with a ton of buttons and switches. What I need is something that obviously has a guitar input, but it doesn't really need to have a mic input. I'm also looking for something that has a headphone jack, an output with a 3/4 connection, and some sort of DAW bundled with it that will work on a MacBook Pro that is less than a year old. My main goal is to be able to record and listen to myself play on my laptop through a DAW and also have the option of using the ouput to connect to my amp. I was looking for some suggestions of what works for other people.
M-Audio Fast Track MKII. I use the model up (Fast Track Pro) and it's pretty decent for what it is. Comes with Pro Tools M-Powered Essential and less than £100/$160.
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