I was kinda bummed when I got the evil eye from my wife after really thinking I had a shot at an Ibanez RG470AH (natural color, satin finish, flawless fretwork and perfect action).

Before I slunk back to the car, she called me over to one she thought was "pretty", and over $200 less: a used Jackson Professional. Serial #J005442.

It's a super-strat, with a sort of medium to dark purple or fushia finish. Has a rosewood or maybe ebony fretboard with reverse sharkfins (didn't think to count frets...maybe 22?), Jackson labeled H-S-H, bolt on neck (no plate, Ibanez-like bolt positioning), 2 knobs w/ a 5 way, and string through Tune-o-matic type bridge.

It easily had as good or better fretwork, and the feel was good; the only weird things were the pickup and bridge height (like skyscrapers), but the action seemed really good anyway. Maybe that's just the way that type of bridge is...both my guitars have trems (one locking, one a Squier Strat).

Any ideas on what model, or if it's worth the $280 they're asking?

Any help is appreciated, especially if it works on convincing my wife to let me get it.
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Sounds like a Dinky model....the serial number is slightly confusing though
Given the way you've described it I woulda guessed JS series but given that've you've said it was a Jackson Professional I'm kinda confused
It's an unusual serial nuber
(Jackson Professional Series models are generally around £450-£600 new...around £300-£400 second hand)

You can always lower the pickup height yourself, so no real problems there

Tbh if you are happy playing it that shouldn't be any problem what so ever, it's all down to your personal taste

(Personally I find Jackson to make good guitars and I would buy it)
I forgot to mention that the number was on the back of the headstock.

I wish I had been able to grab some pics of it, but I didn't have my phone with me...and I doubt they'd be that great anyway. Of course, now that I've been searching Google for the last two hours and not really finding pics of what I thought I saw, I'm beginning to wonder if maybe it was S-S-H now... If she had just let me buy it, this would be easier.

Do all Jacksons and Charvels have that extra "scoop" to make the body a bit thinner for access to the upper frets? Last summer I remember seeing a MIJ Charvel at another store (I liked that one too, heh) that had the same thing, but I'm pretty sure it had a plate at the neck-joint. Is it kinda suspicious that it doesn't have a plate, and seems to have the same huge screws positioned like my RG5EX1?

Anyway, thanks for the help so far!
Does it say standard anywhere? IIRC these were MIJ in the '90s until Jackson halted production because they were better than the USA Jacksons. The Pro series is not to be confused with the Professional series, as the Pro series is much better. Professional standards were worth about $700 retail in the '90s, so it sounds like a solid deal.

It seems like a Dinky Standard to me
Hm...did it say "Standard"? Now I really, really wish I had pics.

I did come up with another thing to ask though (sorry! ): what kind of wood might it be? It seemed even lighter than my basswood Ibanez. Could it be alder or poplar? Or maybe basswood, just different growth, overall thinner body, etc.?

Thanks again for the help, I might be closing in on a Monday purchase!
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Ian! That's it!

I'm pretty sure the truss-rod cover was blank, and thought maybe the headstock might have been reversed (with the tuners on the top like most guitars), but I could be remembering it a bit off...I was a bit starry-eyed at the time.

It'll be a hell of a lot of back rubs and such, but if I manage to bring it home next week, I'll be sure to post some pics.

You guys ROCK!