Hey I'm a beginner guitarist and I'm having issues in terms of fretting the same fret but in the string under it. I can't seem to find the right position for my hand to be in without muffling the sound. This is in terms of single notes and not chords, for example:


That is towards the end of the Hotel California solo. I'd appreciate any help! Thanks.
Hey! If i understand you have problem with last section 12 12 13. Well I would use "capo" on E and B, and put pressure first on E and than B (for the single note effect).
(I"m not an expert it is just how would I do, I hope someone will explain better)

Here is the picture of what I meant: (ignore 14 on B, pretend that is 13)
I wouldn't, and indeed don't, play it that way - I'd use pull-offs on the top E and play the lowest note on the B string.

And effectively what you've got in your tab IS chords, it's just the top 3 notes of them so the easiest way to finger them is jsut to finger the full chords, although A shape barres are tricky when it comes to keeping the top E ringing clear so with those you are better off using individual fingers.
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