ok i just got a Ibanez AEF37 electric/Acoustic guitar... i have loads of electric guitar strings 10.46 would it be ok if i use these on my acoustic.. it does have a truss rod so i would be able to adjust if need be... or is it best to stay with strings just for acoustic guitars???


also picture of my guitar
you could, but acoustics sound best with acoustic strings, and heavier ones at that. my Ovation plug in acoustic has 11-52's, and they're considedered light acoustic strings.
electric strings work and sound fine on acoustics, they're quieter than acoustic strings though
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Don't do it. Did it once when I was a beginner because I didn't have the cash for acoustic strings and it turned out terrible. Strings were too light compared to what was on their so the change in tension on the truss rod made the guitar buzz all over the place and it sounded like crap where I could play it. I would just invest in some acoustic strings my friend.
ive played my brothers ovation when he had some ernie ball super slinkys on it and it actually sounded fantastic imo

id just buy acoustic strings though
All electric strings have to do is vibrate in the magnetic field generated by the pickup.

Not so with an acoustic; the strings must have enough mechanical energy to drive the top of the guitar, to make it vibrate and move air.
It's a matter of tension. Super-slinky electric strings are going to be pretty marginal at best. However, heavier gauge strings may work OK. There's not a huge difference in construction between electric and acoustic strings; it's a matter of mass and tension.
Also, some acoustics respond better to light-gauge strings than others.
Feel free to experiment, but you're likely to get better results with the proper string.