Terrible puns aside, I recently got a nut upgrade for my Telecaster. It was far too big initially so some sanding had to be done, but now I am finding it very difficult to get the thing in all the way. It also seems to rock back and forth when I push either side in, so whilst I can get one side to lie flat against the nut slot, it is never perfect.

I'm apprehensive about sanding the bottom, or any other part of it at this point, as I don't want it to be too small or the wrong shape. Does the nut have to be totally making 100 percent contact with the underlying wood, or does it just need to be straight? Any ideas?

well i would just take it to a real guitar fixer guy because it sounds like you'll just ruin it more if you tried something ridiculous like trying to glue it or something
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if it's to wide to fit in the route, file it down to the correct width to fit. I use 2 part epoxy to hold them in. You'll be hard pressed to ever get it out, but if you did a good job in the first place, you won't have to

honestly, ive always used super glue to fix my nuits and ive never had any problems
The issue isn't so much with width, but with shape. As far as I can see the bottom is completely straight and even, but when I slot it in it feels as though it's not. I've considered maybe the neck inset isn't even, but there's no evidence to suggest that. At the moment I have it so that there is almost zero gap (almost not even visible). Maybe it is mostly in contact?