How can one song represent an entire population of such diversity? I've been thinking of that lately and I've come down to What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong. It is simple, idealistic, and perhaps overtly optimistic; but, I believes it catches the essence of our life on this planet. The song (and the cover by Israel Kamakawiwo Ole') always get me out of that rut. What songs do you guys think?
Mad World by Gary Jules.
(that version particularly)
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bob marley's one loves up there but Kamakawiwo might have it beat
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I'd say Pure Hatred from Chimaira ... suits the world pretty well.
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The lyrics of Hanging Garden's Paper Doves pretty much sum up humanity.
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Mad World by Gary Jules.
(that version particularly)

+1. We live in quite a Mad World, why not make that our song?
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