22 songs...LONGEST ALBUM EVER ha. Ive just been skimming through the tracks and I'm diggin the style of everything. Its so unique sounding!
Just to offer some sort of constructive criticism though, I'd say sing a little bit more from your gut and it'd sound a bit better (***Disclaimer: I am no vocal expert and I myself have a lot of work to do in that department for sure)

"Its my party, Billy is tough"... all I can say is what the **** haha
Over how long did it take you to write/ record all of these?

I Can Only Imagine and Venus are definitely my favorite though. Nice work man
@mattrichardson: Thanks!! Took something like 6 months from start to finish, cause I don't get chances to record all that often
@afrobuy your description is SPOT ON. And I love your profile pic, Eraserhead is brilliant, and I actually almost put a cover of "In Heaven" from that movie on this album but pulled it off to make room for other stuffs
Holy shit. 6 months?! that is seriously impressive ha. I've got like 14 songs I've kept and maybe 6 or so I've scratched away and deleted cuz I realized they sucked, but even that is over a 4 or 5 year period ha. Thanks for the comment on my song as well!