I've got an old teisco that needs some seirous work done. I want to keep the killswitches instead of putting in a toggle. What would the schematics look like for that? I have no practice with killswitches. Thanks.
If you were to make it like a regular killswitch, with one killswitch, you would put it in front of the input jack. But it sounds like you want individual killswitches for each pickup, so you should put the switch on the hot wire of the pup going to the volume pot.

But seriously, why individual killswitches instead of just one?
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Are you talking about having an on and off switch for each pickup?

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But seriously, why individual killswitches instead of just one?

he's using the killswitches to switch pickups instead of a pickup selector switch

ive always made killswitches connect the ground wire to the hot and that kills any sound but ive only wired that after the pots and before the output jack

im not sure if that would work before the pots tho