Hey dude,

that intro is way too long, out of key/tune leadwork was not really appreciated!

when it all kicks in it's a lot better, but the guitar still sounds out of tune, and the riff at 1:15 sounds pretty weak. the drums are pretty well written and interesting, the lead work in the chorusy bit is pretty wicked, the vocalist is the best part about this track though, very heartfelt, very punchy, well delivered screams.

if the guitar was completely in tune when you recorded, you might wanna get the intonnation checked, cause getting that sorted would make this track about 3 times better. the chords at 2:40 onwards are painfully out of tune and ruin the track for me

the riff at 3:50 sounds a bit too much like an after the burial riff for my liking, and i hate fadeouts.

all of that looks pretty negative, but in all honesty this track has the most potential out of all the tracks i've seen on here this morning
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