I've always wanted to do pinch harmonics! >.< Almost every video I find doesnt work! Every time I try to do it, I fail!
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try harder, there are tons of good videos
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Try pinching 12/24 frets above the fret you wanna pinch
Obviously we're talking hypothetic frets for a lot of that
For me I just suddenly learned it. I found a perfect sound for me and thought that I had to play something brutal so I started playing cemetary gates by pantera and did all the harmonics right. I was really surprised 'cause I had never played a pinch harmonic by purpose before
Grab your pick where you leave about a dime size end of pick showing or less. Make sure the padding on your thumb is very low toward the pick tip. Try taking your low E string and start back at the bridge like you are palm muting. start trying to do the harmonics and incrementally slide your pick hand towards the neck. You will find sweet spot for harmonics that will squeal easier than others. Build your technique on those. Then you will see that it takes more power in your pick hand to get some of them to ring out more.Also lots of mids in your amp help/
i did it b4 i actually knew what they were called,just from mucking around and stuff,some guitars are also easier to do it on etc,plus plenty of distortion is a good way to learn.
I think we're going to need more details on why you're not succeeding. Otherwise we're only able to give generic advice on how to do a one.

How are you trying to do the harmonics?

What sound do you end up with?
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im trying to do it on my bc rich. look at my profile to see itt
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I learned a weird way by using my pinky finger. I rest my pinky on the string about and inch and a half or two inches away from the fingers I'm using to hold the pick. Then when I pluck the string, I simultaneously let off while still leaving enough vibrations on the string to sustain a note. A squeal is then emitted from my guitar. Works almost all the time for me.


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The way I do it is I turn my hand to the side so that my thumb and pick make an upside down v shape, then I pluck the string with the spot my thumb and pick meet. (The pointy part of the v)
The way pinch harmonics work is that you'll be completely clueless on how to do them at first, but you'll sit there practicing for a while after you learn the technique and it'll suddenly come to you. Then you'll never have trouble with them again.

At least that's how it was for me and my friend.

As for the technique, just YouTubing it is typically enough.
Ummm... i will try taking a picture of how I hold it. I hold the pick with the pointy part, I guess you could call it, pointed down (obviously) but only very little of it is showing... and I tried "Brushing my thumb" across the string also like the videos say...
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You need an amp that goes to 11! (j/k) But seriously I am thinking you might need more distortion..

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I've found that it's more than just "brushing"... for me, I kind of dig the front side of the pick into the string and push it through...

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Usually I advise practicing anything clean, but pinch harmonics are an exception. Try them first with some distortion just to see if you are doing it right, and you can improve from there. Also, I recommend the 12th fret on the E string for starting, as it's always been the easiest for me. Mess around with it too, moving where your hand is on your pickups until you find the sweet spot. Hope this helps.
I had a similar problem when I was starting out. I was trying to learn them from just watching videos and reading about them. But eventually, I discovered them by accident. I just picked a bit harder and then I heard that magical sound. Now, I know the theory and the physics behind them and all that, but I still don't think of it as 'touching the string with your thumb'. In my head I think "pick harder" and I just naturally hit it with my thumb.
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I think I had that issue possibly. I tried learning about two months into playing.

It might feel very awkward at first. It was for me and I had to switch my pick to play regular notes too. but eventually it developed into a position where I could play both and fine.

The way I almost always pick (no matter what form of note) is like.
When holding my right hand up with my thumb being completely horizontal; the pick is basically diagonal with the thin end going back towards my thumb.
The pick position is about 65% horizontal and 35% vertical. (varies a bit)
Only a little bit of the pick is coming out at the bottom. (about 1/3 - 1/2 of the length of a thumbnail. moves around a little.)

For regular notes I just pretty much press the pick into the strings in the above position. For pinched notes, I push my finger and thumb closer to the string when picking so the two meet and hit the string just right.

Might sound a little odd of a position at first but using the thin end of your pick wouldn't be easy for pinches.
Maybe others do it entirely different, but it works perfectly me and I can get crazy clear pinch harmonics anywhere on the fretboard whenever I want.

Just keep at it and you'll find something that works best for you. Once you get the technique it'll be easier. I can do it without a pick on an acoustic and it works fine.