Hi guys! Ive been working on this song for a couple of days, but Im kind of stuck cause of my limitations with drums. I dont know how to write a pattern more complicated than the standard rock thingy, so Ive come to humbly ask for your help. I want to have a beat in the "verso" part that kind of continues the groove set up by the two tracks of percussion in the introduction, but with standard drums and a louder, funkier feel. Also, maybe add some fills in the 4 bars before the verse.
If you want me to crit a song of yours just tell me. Thanks a lot!
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Hey champ, very groovy composition so far. I've made a quick attempt that I hope will help out somewhat, uploaded in GP4 and GP5 format.

A user named thorbor on these boards is a fantastic funk/fusion drummer to my recollection, so it might be worth PMing him to ask for some tips on how to approach drum parts.
The way I started out was by inserting a bar's worth of sixteenth rests, and first accenting the guitar's chords with either an open hat or the snare - this reinforced the already existent groove and provided a simple framework to build off of. The bass drum came next, which served to ''lead-in'' or out of those accented hits, or to occupy more ''strong'' beats (in such a funky groove, the off-beat of 'one' was accented with a bass, for example). Then came the hi-hats to occupy some more space and reinforce the mutes of the guitar, which is a very common technique in funk and even acoustic sets, where the percussive sound can be emphasised or textured by the ensemble. The splash cymbal (piece 55) was used as a getaway from the open hat, and I imitated a cymbal choke by ghosting (placing in brackets) a splash right after to create some tension. As for the fill, the fives came from other things I've been writing, but I like the almost ''hesitant'' feel that it delivers - you call though!
I hope this helps out, and it's only one of many approaches to writing drum parts. You can probably find tutorials on how to write for drums online, but it's always good to listen to tracks you like, or that have an exceptional groove, and try to aurally isolate the drum track, picking up as much as you can of what's going on. Pay attention to the overall groove, and then zone-in-on particularly pieces of the kit to see what each is doing to construct that whole picture.

Again, I hope this helps, and keep up the great work
Wow!! Thanks a lot!!! The drum part you wrote is perfect, really. The only thing I changed are the fills, they were a bit too weird for me, lol. But other than that, I didint touch it, it fit perfectly with the groove I had going between the guitar and the percussion instruments. Again, thanks a lot!

P.S:If anybody has any suggestions about what I should change or where to go next with the song, please tell me. Ill crit back