I can't decide if I want it to have more a of rockability or slow lullaby feel...

Rock-a-bye my baby in your tree top.
Can you feel the wind, and your cradle rock?
If London Bridge breaks, I'll break your fall.
Then you can have me, my heart and all.

I was running blind like three little mice;
quick and nimble like Jack
I've stolen this Golden Hen,
and it seems like every giant wants it back.

Starlight, star-bright, hickory dickory dock.
I'll sing a song of sixpence and pick that silver lock.
Just make the rain go away and let my Merry Mary stay.

When I go to bed I don't count sheep,
I'm too caught up in Little Bo Peep
When an Itsy Bitsy Spider scares you away;
Don't worry Miss Muffet, I'll save the day.
The wolves will huff and puff all through the town, but
They'll never blow our little house down.
Now the cats are in the cradle,
The cow has lept the mood,
Let's go have our ending like the dish and the spoon.

I've always wanted to write a song based off nursery rhymes, so here it is.
For fear of spamming/cluttering the post, I didn't include a breakdown on where I got all of the things, if you'd like to know though, tell me on the post or my page.

Yes... it is a "love song" by definition, if your not a fan of love songs don't hate it for that reason alone.
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this is really cool. i've thought about using this idea too. love songs are the shit.

I want Super Saiyan abilities