My favourite setup is an 81 bridge/60 neck.

Wondering if Duncan offers anything that's comparable? Or are their Blackouts totally different sounding?

Also wondering how the new EMG-X's compare?
Blackouts are really similar to EMG Xs. AFAIK SD doesn't have anything with low headroom like standard EMG's.
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Mey I've had both. I prefer the regular ol' EMGs. If you want more headroom just 18v mod it.
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The blackouts have a narrower tonal range if anything, the EMG-X series are quite similar.
I've never used them, but maybe the SD Livewire pickups can compare tonally to the EMG's.

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LiveWires are more like 85s. Blackouts are like EMG X-pickups. SD's never really done anything like the 81 and 60. Those are thin ceramic sounds that Seymour Duncan usually stay away from, that's much more of an EMG and DiMarzio thing.