Looking for an amp for practice, jamming with friends, and some school concert shit

Budget- 400-700 but i know the owner of my local store so I can get deals on Line6, Marshall, Orange, Peavey Vox and Roland

I play mostly metal, classic rock and jazz. Favourite band's are Metallica, Iron Maiden, Led Zeppelin, Pink floyd Dream Theater and Rush.

Definately want new.

My main guitar is an Ibanez rg420eg with blackouts and an original floyd rose.

Really prefer a tube or hybrid. Amps I've been looking: Line 6 spidervalve 112 & Peavey vypyr tube.

*I live in Canada so our prices are higher and we have a ****ing insane amount of taxes
doooooooon't do line 6. just don't.

A peavey classic 30... or 50, whatever it is, might be up your alley. I'd check that out, that's all that comes to mind in that price range.
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^Line 6 turns out out pretty legit stuff. The Spiders are just horrible (not including the SpiderValve.)

The SpiderValve and Vypyr Tube are both great. Whichever you prefer would be great. I would personally prefer the Vypyr. The peavey Classics, Blackstar, and maybe Peavey XXX/Ultra/Jsx would also be good.
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Vypyr Tube all the way.
Just out curiosity, what sort of effects do you have?
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orange tiny or dual terror might fit your budget? I love mine i picked it up with a 1x12 cab for 600 bucks.
Thanks for the input. I think I'm gonna go with the vypyr tube, but I heard you should change the speakers in them. What speaker would go good in it?