one question that has always stumped me at interviews is where in the world you like like to travel to and why.

anyone know why they ask this or had any other weird questions that they have no idea why they were asked?
never been asked that, but I would say "somewhere far, like Europe, so I can meet new people and explore my interests".

it's generic but it works
i may have to steal that. i have a habbit of telling the truth like when i used to work at mc donalds they asked why i want to work there i answerd its a job and i really need money, i still got the job thou
The correct answer is never Amsterdam.

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The correct answer is never Amsterdam.



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*any country* so that you can get a perspective on a different culture and better understand the world we live on.
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Interesting question...
There are a bunch of question that will be pretty simple like that one that employers use to see what kind of person you are. You're being profiled.

If they say your name wrong, correct them. You don't want to be known as a Yes Man.
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