Hey guys,

I recently just started work on this song. Has a lot of syncopated rhythms and such, writing in a relatively proggy style, but still trying to keep it relatively simple.
I've gotten to the second run of my main riff after a verse riff, and I'm just completely stumped on ways to continue it on.
The only way that keeps coming to mind is having something similar to my first verse riff, but then I think the song would start to get waaaay too repeatative. If you guys have any ideas on how to continue, I'd love to hear them.

Also, some feedback on what I've got so far would be awesome. If you want, I can C4C.


EDIT: Forgot to attach GP files, how silly of me. :P
EDIT2: Added GP5 and MIDI files for people who haven't upgraded yet.
Prometheus II.gpx
Prometheus II.gp5
Prometheus II.mid
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That kicked ass, bro. My honest recommendation is to, progress. Make a slower interlude segment, or make a more intense part. I feel like something contrastingly slower will land home. Whatever you choose, good luck, dude.
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Thanks for the reply man!
I'm gonna look into doing that hey. Maybe have a bar or two of leads as a little bridging lick, then half the tempo into some slow chordy type riff of some sort maybe.
I'll see what comes of it.
Back to the drawing board.

But still, if anyone else has more suggestions and feedback, I'm still more than open to them too!
You know, I don't have much to say either ha. The only thing is the bass...maybe you can let the bass get in on some of the technicality the guitars are doing. Also, I think personally I wouldn't have repeated the verse cuz I'm just like that but it still blends very well. Great Job!
oh and for a continuation, idk...something with a different feel definitely. Its groovin through the whole thing so you gotta do a 180. Maybe u can end the verse on a I7 chord annnnnnnd idk ha
With that last 2/4 bar at the end, I'd make it 4/4 and have the last half be just one half note. Like on the left guitar, id go down to a G#, the right Id go down to an F#. Then after that half note, lead into a really heavy section, like straight eigth note chords, and then add a melody overtop. That just what I would do.