Good, You sing better than Beiber, I really like your singing... catchy song... good luck!
seriously, it's a pleasant voice, is not bothersome,but I know nothing about singing...
My only advice? Layer it.

If that's a chorus you could add layers that harmonize with the main one, or just double layer the same vocals.
Otherwise it sounds good.
I'd personally like some grit in the vocals, a bit or harshness, but if clean is what you're going for good job.
it sounds a bit wishy-washy at the moment, try taking a step back and really belting it, and a harmony a 3rd up and drop that quite low in the mix
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Yes, I was going for completely clean vocals, I have figured out how to get gritty/raspy vocals yet, though those are my favorite.

Also, I did plan to add 3rd harmonies on the descending notes at the end of each line, this particular track was more of a demo though so I only laid one vocal line down.