Alright, so let's say we have a tab...


Now, let's say I set my metronome to w/e speed.

For every beat, would I hit one note or two notes? (The song is relatively fast. It is unholy confessions by A7x.)
Set it to the song's tempo. If you can look at a transcription of the song, that will tell you how "fast" to play the notes. I'm sorta confused by your question...
i asume those are eigth notes so 2 per beat
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well that depends on the tempo of the song and whether those are 8th notes 16th triplets etc.

i havent heard the song so i cant help you

this is one of the bad sides about tabs they have no real timing on them
That song is at about 180bpm and that particular part is played in 8ths so two notes per beat.
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