Hey guys, haven't been on in awhile butttttt...

I need some opinions on this song I've been workin on, how to improve and whatnot. I'm not too thrilled about the intro but its aight I guess. Just think Human Abstract
Song 9.gp5
Song 9.gp4
not really. it's kinda short but i assume it's not done yet.
im a big THA fan so i can hear their influence
Dude, awesome job! It sounds brilliant so far! Keep it going.

I love the epic feel you set with the song, right from the beginning. And I mean epic in the true meaning of the word, not the over-used one.

Hmmm, criticizm... Well the drums for the triplet thingo at bar 11 could probably be changed. I don't know if it's just guitar pro, but it just, to me, doesn't seem to fit very well with the guitar. That diminished chord (I think it's diminished, I'm not good at theory) sounds like it could be very hard hitting and powerful with drums that hit with it, so to speak. Other than that, there really honestly is nothing else I could pick out.
You're obviously a much better writer than I am, so critiqueing you is pretty damn hard. :P

Anyway, feel free to check out the beginning of my song. I'm a little stumped as I don't know what sort of riff I should lead it into whilst keeping a nice flow. I'm new to writing prog influenced stuff.

I can really hear the THA influence in this.
It sounds almost like something that would have been on BTBAM's last album.
MY only complaint is the transition from bar 22-23. I feel like the drums shouldn't have synced with the guitar before the tempo or there should be some kind of fill underneath, but it's only my opinion.

Otherwise, it's all great. I hope you finish it because I really enjoy lots of prog/metalcore music.

C4C? Thanks!
I really liked those riffs after the 15th bar, sounds very interesting but 21th sounds a bit weird, but it may be just me. , if you make it longer I'd be glad to hear it again