I'm replacing the pickups in my G400 custom, with a Seymour Duncan PhatCat in the middle position. The thing is, while I've got it open, I'd like to install a push/pull pot to turn on and off the middle pickup. I like it sometimes, but sometimes it just get's too muddy. Is this possible? And is there anywhere I can get a wiring diagram?
It's actually really simple. There's usually 6 contacts on a push pull switch they're arranged vertically in two rows of three. Wire the hot wire from your pickup to the middle contact on one of the rows (if you're using 4-conductor, put the hot wire from the other coil on the middle of the other row) and add another wire going from the switch to where the hot wire originally went. The other wire should go on the bottom contact if you want it to turn off when in the up postiton. Put it on the top contact if you want it the other way round.
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please use the ultimate wiring thread for all wiring questions. if it isnt on the front page, you can find a link to it in the essential links sticky at the top of the forum. thanks.